A Shintaido retreat, known as a “gasshuku,” is an excellent introduction to Shintaido.

It’s a celebration, a workshop, a gathering of the tribe, a meditative retreat and an educational forum combined in one. The Japanese word “gasshuku” means “together under one roof” and suggests a gathering devoted to intensive practice and enjoyment of community.

Shintaido North East organizes gasshuku at various locations, usually twice per year. Gasshuku are open to all, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Instruction is provided appropriate to the physical ability and experience of participants. The teaching staff includes several experienced local instructors and often a special guest instructor.

Shintaido Northeast Springeiko 2018

March 3-4, 2018

Beginner’s Mind

Other Shintaido Retreats

Info on other retreats in the U.S. can be found at Shintaido of America